August Handel GmbH, with our headquarter in Trebbin, is an internationally oriented company, which is a reliable partner and outstanding supplier for the automotive industry, the traditional trade and crafts since 2011.

The success of August Handel GmbH is sustainable and based on the following basic principles:

  • We are a team of experienced industry specialists
  • We aim uncompromisingly at the needs of our customers
  • We precociously react to future trends in the industry
  • We quickly adapt important market innovations
  • We ensure the quality of our products throughout the entire production chain

In order to continuously drive our main brands TROMMELBERG, C.A.R.FIT Repair and RedHotDot, and to offer our customers a modern and high-quality product range, we invest up to 10% of our annual profits in the further development of our products.

For us, it is important to take full control across our entire value chain. This is the only way to guarantee our top standards are maintained – starting from product design, over production process, to delivery.

Our product range offers the perfect fit for all professional needs in the automotive industry, among craftsmen and trade.

All of our products are internationally certified and meet highest technical requirements.